Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Life is hard...

Life is not simple anymore as I wish... What is the meaning of life? I'm really clueless... I always hide my feeling to everyone, but not u... That is why until now i still not understand, what I live for... U r the 1 one made I open my heart for u. Lastly, u still keep feeling I hiding and fake feeling towards u... U know how hurt if there is someone who trust u, just want together with u to share ur burden, stresssness, sadness, pressure, happiness, joy and etc... But in the end, u still said or not trust the one.

I not sure why, I appreciate, accept, love the person like u... May be this call love power. I hope u understand it, love is blind, if u really love someone, u will do whatever stuff for ur love one, even the stupid stuff... May be I'm too stupid... Love can't be calculate, just do what u feel is right.

Sometimes, it might be miscommunication. But I believe, no matter how it will be, the result or the end is full with sweetness.

Together with u is the most enjoy, relax, happy stuff for everyday. Life is getting hard, I wish u might understand it in someday. Fighting for the tough life...

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