Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sick + Sad @@

i start feel that I'm getting tiredness and sickness... @@ in the other hand, the most ppl i like, he told me that u r so ugly cos i send him a my avatar pic..., he said that u so scary + ugly, pls stop send him...omg...and some terrible things is, if u try to sending me this avatar pic again, he will gonna to BLOCK me soon... T_T

This is totally made me sad all the time. After the night, i feel more sick inside my heart and also my body, i can't even trust it , he say like that...did i wrong with sending my avatar pic at 3 am? Did i so ugly?
I 'm getting sad and start to think negatif...y he treat me like that... ?.? y he treat other ppl better than me... mind keep hanging around...keep think , and think...why...why...and why...

Am I really useless in the world? Nothing can help in this world? Or may b just like a rubbish...all the world have it any where, plus me also nothing different 1...