Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bedroom feng shui taboos ( 卧房风水禁忌 )

1, the door on the toilet door 房门对厕门

Door to door to the toilet can cause pain and loss of bone and muscle money. The toilet is moisture, odor, local produce bad smell, if the door of the toilet door, just the entire reception (especially in the days of strong wind intrusion).


2, the door on the bed 房门对床

Door on the bed, it will because of the different parts of the body, resulting in the corresponding parts of the functional lesions. Doors and windows are the import and export of indoor air convection, sleep state when the wind blows directly to the body, by the cold parts can cause lesions. To consider indoor air convection, generally the lower edge of the door will be left slit, so even if the door is shut tight, as long as the open air or open a window slits, can make the outdoor air in and out.


3, the toilet door on the bed 厕所门对床

Toilet on the bed in the room, the door of the toilet situation than serious, head, headache, can not concentrate when you think, live a long time will have cancer, stroke, etc.; on the waist, will backache, heart weakness, edema, live for a long time will have diabetes, heart disease; on the feet, would sciatic pain, knee weakness, edema, gout, live a long time will produce unexpected fractures.


4, mirror on the bed 镜子对床

Mirror on the bed, can cause a trance, ideas can not concentrate. In addition to the bedroom on both sides of the bed can be placed in the same plane mirror, the other positions are not put. However, Riga dressing closet door, shut the door usually do not see, is a good design, can be placed anywhere Ministry.

5, the bed beams 床上有横梁

Beam is one of the main structure of the building, consisting mainly of reinforced concrete, while the compass on the beam, the pointer will immediately change direction, it will have a significant demonstrable physical beam magnetic induction effect. It can be seen sleeping in the beam, the body's micro-power system (especially the brain, heart) will be directly affected by the negative effects caused by lack of sleep, headaches and so on. Liang suggested decentralization Aigui, or simply as a whole bread Liang Li top cabinet to avoid.


6 bed knife on the wall 床对到壁刀

Common wall between an attic or a knife edge, especially in high-rise buildings, is one of the main structure of the building. Effects on humans, the initial lack of sleep, dizziness, headache, but check not find the cause. Over time, may become brain lesions.

7, beds beneath the stairs 床位在楼梯下方

Bed beneath the stairs, people sleeping in bed, sleep certainly not good, often nightmares continue. Fortune is also very poor, with little opportunity to turn around.


8, bedside wall on the toilet 床头隔墙对马桶

Head with toilet sleep, cause ideological confusion, inability to concentrate his thoughts and headache. Live more than 10 years, or even longer in the brain tumor.


9, bedside tables partition for God 床头隔墙对到神桌

Only temple temple fair will be sleeping in the back or god statues tables below. The general public that the temple is not, nor is psychic, do not be so sleep.


10, no headboard against the wall of reality 床头没有靠到实墙

Some people create an atmosphere and the bed against the wall and not diagonal, or in order to dodge the beam and the bed vacant. Do not rely on real bedside wall, or turn around and sleep can cause poor sleep quality, rebellious thoughts, bad weird, and the ability to communicate with others.


11, the bed is placed televisions, stereos, cell phones 床前放置电视机、音响、手机

Modern decor, it is common to install the TV in the bedroom, it would be best not to do so. The room has a TV because inevitably lead to two situations: a long-term casually lying on the soft bed, could easily lead to curvature of the spine deformation. Second, the average person lying in bed watching television, will not help to look at one or two programs, before they agree to sleep until very sleepy, so confused lack of sleep every day, over time, cause health will go wrong. In addition, the modern man often remain open during sleep and on the bedside phone, because the phone in standby mode will emit electromagnetic waves, continuous reception of the body for a long time, very detrimental to health.


12 beds placed in the bottom of air conditioning 床位安置于空调下方

Beds placed in the bottom of air conditioning, cold and constantly blowing head, shoulders, neck, plus people in the sleep state, the pores are slightly open, light frequent colds, can cause severe head, shoulders, neck, nervousness, muscle rigid.


13 beds on or below the toilet, stove 床位在厕所、炉灶的上或下方

Sleeping position up or down the toilet, how sick do not want to explain it, but most people only think about how to make full use of their own space, ignoring the upstairs relation. If you sleep on the bed or under the kitchen stove, excessive anger can lead people to affect liver function.


14 Bedroom ceiling decoration too fancy 卧房天花板装潢过于花梢

Bedroom ceiling should be simple and appropriate. Do not learn the commercial space, made very artistic, unique, full of tricks, and even put on a mirror, which causes people to fall asleep easily, over time health will go wrong. Hung above the beds can not be bizarre lighting, people will feel nervous. In today's frequent earthquakes, just above the bed is best absolutely no lighting, bedroom lighting to make use of bedside table lamps or floor lamps and lamp hidden near the wall.


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